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Strategic planning

Planning scalable websites that grow with your marketing activities and do not become a corset.

Creative UX/UI design

From individual web design with breathtaking animations to functional design systems.

Expert implementation

All well and good on the outside, no good on the inside? Not with us! As a webflow agency, we work in a structured, systematic and creative way.

Reliable support

For extensions and adjustments to your Webflow website, our experts are also there for you after the project has been completed.

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Webflow Agency Solutions

Solutions with Webflow

Web design solutions
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Webflow consulting

  • Website audits
  • Conversion optimisation
  • SEO analyses
  • Performance optimisation
  • Content migration
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Webflow web design

  • Business Websites & Landing Pages
  • Blogs & Content Hubs
  • Animations & Interactions
  • Mobile First & Design Systems
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Expert implementation

  • Webflow CMS
  • WordPress to Webflow
  • Custom Code
  • Member areas
  • Filters & Multilingualism
Web design solutions

What makes Webflow stand out?

Webflow goes far beyond an ordinary content management system. It is an ecosystem of its own, essentially consisting of four areas.

Creating a website with Webflow eliminates the complex and error-prone handling of code. This is because the implementation takes place in a graphical interface that is called up in the browser.

The code is generated automatically under the bonnet, so to speak. That is why Webflow also belongs to the genre of nocode tools.

The four pillars of Webflow

Website designer

A web-based interface for the implementation of web designs.

Content Management System

A content management system for maintaining website content.

Webflow hosting

A hosting platform and a content delivery network (CDN) incl. SSL certificate.

Shop system

A shop system for the sale of physical and digital products.

Advantages of Webflow

No dependence on programmers

Webflow makes you independent of programmers. Even the most elaborate ideas can be realised without having to work with source code. At the same time, extensions can be easily added to Webflow websites through custom code.

No constant updates

Those who come from WordPress know: almost no day without updates - and a lot can go wrong. Webflow follows a plugin-free approach, which makes your website much more stable and reliable.

No vulnerable plugins

A plugin for every requirement? Sounds good at first, but plugins from too many different sources quickly get in each other's way and make your website prone to errors. With Webflow, you have fewer moving parts, which is why it is far less susceptible.

No permanent security gaps

Unlike other CMSs, you don't have to take care of closing security gaps yourself or hire someone to do it for expensive money. Your website is monitored by Webflow itself and the system and server are kept up to date.

Lightning fast loading times

Webflow is also impressive in terms of performance. The source code produced is clean, efficient and follows the latest standards. Not only Google loves fast loading times, they also contribute to a good user experience.

Short implementation times

Webflow pages can be implemented more quickly. Your project does not need a complex setup. There are also no compatibility problems that eat up time and budget unnecessarily. Development environment, CMS, hosting and versioning (backups) come from a single source.

Intuitive content maintenance thanks to CMS

Webflow's content management system is very easy to use. In editor mode, you click on any text on your website and simply change it. The same applies to images. Blog posts can be entered via forms in the backend or conveniently imported via CSV.

Easily expandable

Regardless of whether it is an individual development or a purchased template: missing functions can be integrated with Webflow through custom code and seamlessly integrated into the website. In this way, your website can be connected to other databases or expanded with member areas, for example.

Hosting & CDN included

With Webflow you don't have to worry about hosting, because this is optionally included. There is no need to install a CMS on a server and an SSL certificate is also included. Only your domain needs to be linked to Webflow.

SEO made easy

SEO management for Google becomes child's play. Title tags, meta description and all other common SEO parameters are easy to operate via the CMS. Everything else can be easily integrated via custom code.

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webflow vs. wordpress


Thanks to Webflow, your website performs excellently in the Google Webvitals. In the categories performance, accessibility, best practice and SEO, you usually achieve very good values with Webflow.

Performance optimisation is also possible with WordPress, but the system automatically puts obstacles in the way due to its architecture. For example, the code for a contact form is also loaded on pages on which none is integrated.


With Webflow, all relevant SEO settings can be made without having to install additional plugins. This even applies to very specific specifications such as structured data.

With WordPress, an extra plugin must be installed for this. In the past, updates of various SEO plugins have repeatedly led to errors with far-reaching consequences for the visibility of the website.


Changing content is very intuitive in Webflow CMS. You simply click on a text, change it and save. The same applies to images. Searching and finding in confusing admin areas is therefore no longer necessary.

The backend of WordPress looks very different on many sites, which makes orientation a little difficult. Entering content is in many cases more cumbersome than with Webflow.


There are no plug-ins with Webflow. Instead, a website can be expanded by integrating scripts. However, this is often not necessary because the most important functions, such as a contact form, are already integrated in Webflow.

10-30 plugins are not uncommon for WordPress websites. Even something as simple as a contact form requires an additional plugin. As a rule of thumb, the more moving parts, the more error-prone a website is.


The Webflow CMS meets high security standards and is certified according to ISO 27001, an industry standard for information security.

WordPress leads the statistics in terms of hacked websites. Over 94% of all hacked CMSs are based on WordPress(source).


The design of a website does not depend on the content management system behind it. Nevertheless, Webflow is excellently suited for the implementation of individual and sophisticated designs. It scores particularly well with animations. Even with the board tools, the most demanding ideas regarding branding can be realised.

WordPress can also be used to implement any conceivable design. However, the implementation is often more complicated, especially when it comes to subsequent adjustments. Although there are many templates (so-called themes), these are sometimes so widespread that many websites are very similar despite individualisation.


The code of a Webflow website can be exported with one click and then hosted on any server. Using the Webflow CMS is only possible if you also use Webflow hosting. But Webflow hosting is very fast, meets the latest standards and SSL certificates are also included.

Although WordPress also offers its own hosting solution, you usually install it on your own server. Server updates unfortunately also lead to WordPress websites no longer working and you have to have websites touched up or even redone.


If required, Webflow's own shop system can be activated. Its functions are sufficient for most small
e-commerce projects and the sale of digital products.

WordPress also has its own shop system (WooCommerce), which can be installed in the form of a plugin. Which system is more suitable depends very much on your own requirements.

Frequently asked questions about Webflow

Why Webflow instead of WordPress?

Without WordPress, the internet would not be where it is today. But the world has moved on. Whether with a customised template or a completely individual design: websites can be implemented more efficiently with Webflow. You can see this not only in the implementation time, but also in the effort required for subsequent adjustments.

In short: Webflow is faster, safer, more intuitive and more efficient than WordPress.

Can I change content myself with Webflow?

Yes, if the website is hosted by Webflow. Simply switch to editor mode, click on any text or image, change, save and publish. You don't have to rely on us or any other Webflow agency.

Does a website have to be hosted by Webflow?

No, the code can be exported from Webflow with one click. It can then be hosted on a server of your choice. However, the CMS is not included.

As a Webflow agency, we will be happy to advise you on whether the CMS is suitable for your company or not.

Can my WordPress website be transferred to Webflow?

Yes, we offer a rebuild of your current site with Webflow - no matter which CMS system it is currently based on. We can also conveniently import the content of your blog via CSV.

As a Webflow agency, we are happy to advise you on the process and answer your individual questions.

Ready for a Webflow project?

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